Our Programs

Providing pathways to a thriving adulthood

Our Programming Includes:

Pathways to Success

An 8 week curriculum-based program covering topics such as character education, integrity and self-control, emotional health, discovering assets, strengths assessment, and job readiness training.

Students also receive public speaking training, qualifying them for certification through Toastmasters International.

The goal is to provide each youth with assets, tools, and opportunities needed to change their trajectory.

Within the program, students also participate in community service projects, visit a technical college, and make connections with potential employers.

Continuum of Care

After graduation from the Pathways to Success program, youth are partnered with a Mentor and a Success Coach for the following year.

The Mentor and Success Coach together provide continued encouragement, advice, advocacy, accountability, and support to both the youth and parent/guardian.

The 1625 Initiative - Youth Detention Center Outreach

Twice a month, trained teams of coaches meet with youth inside Juvenile Detention Centers to hold workshops based on the Pathways to Success curriculum.

Coaches seek to give youth hope for opportunities after they are released and reintegrate back into society.

Parenting on Purpose

Workshops designed specifically to support and equip parents/guardians.

In addition to resources on parenting, communication, and emotional health, the parents/guardians are informed about what their child is learning, empowering them to reinforce these skills at home with the youth.

In-school Programs

Throughout the school year, teams of trained facilitators work within the schools to deliver content and modules based on the Pathways to Success Program curriculum.